Sample data of the environmental non-profit sector, describing a set of 82 Web sites mirrored between May and November 1999 in cooperation with Dr. Christian Bauer, now employed at the Boston Consulting Group in Melbourne, Australia. The file is available as MS Excel workbook (webdev.xls, ~ 70 kb) or as comma-delimited text file (webdev.csv, ~ 20 kb).

Download the following resources for (or in BibTeX format), a bibliographic database and reference management software package that is available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms (last update: 05-08-2001). I would like to thank all colleagues who provided me with a list of their related publications in reply to an ISWorld posting from July 2001.

  • webdev.enl - updated and extended reference file with 883 entries (~ 580 kb).

  • webdev.txt - database output in BibTeX format (~ 255 kb).

  • webdev.ens - the style file used for producing the camera-ready copy (~ 10 kb).

  • webdev.zip - compressed archive of all the files mentioned above (~ 275 kb).

Bled & 
ECIS 2001:
Scharl, A. (2001): "An Iterative Methodology to Develop Web Applications", Panel of the 14th Bled Electronic Commerce Conference on New Approaches to Application Development for e-Business (Bled-2001). The presentation is available in format (bled2001.pdf, ~ 400 kb).
ECIS 2000:
Bauer, C. and Scharl, A. (2000): "Tool-supported Evolutionary Web Development: Rethinking Traditional Modeling Principles", Proceedings of the 8th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS-2000). Eds. Hans Robert Hansen et al. Vienna: Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. pp. 282-289. The presentation is available in format (ecis2000.pdf, ~ 900 kb).
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